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Rain Rain Go Away…


The Sanctuary.

It’s been particularly wet these last few weeks here in rural Pennsylvania. The unending rain is putting a damper on the plans at the farm sanctuary this weekend.  We have equipment being delivered to demo two buildings, a couple dozen volunteers eager to help, along with acres and acres of fields that desperately need cut.  It’s been weeks of planning, dozens of meetings, emails and phone calls to be ready for these two days.  All of that time and energy, yet something completely out of our control is threatening our plans.

Life seems to work like that, doesn’t it?  You can chart your path, talk to all the right people, get support along the way and have a concrete plan – only for something to derail your agenda. After years of worrying and stressing about things beyond my control, I’ve learned to let go and dance in the rain.

Our organization has seen it’s share of challenges but each have made us stronger and more rooted in our mission.  When you’re focused on doing the life saving work that we do, you go in knowing that it’s not going to be an easy path to take.  Nothing “worth it” is ever easy, but the things that ARE truly worth it are worth the fight.


The Shelter.

With summer in full swing, we receive more calls than ever regarding stray and lost animals. People looking to help animals left outside in the heat, or locked in hot cars.  People who are overwhelmed with the litter of kittens found under their porch, or not sure what to do about the dog roaming loose in their neighborhood.  We are grateful that people in our communities want to step up for animals in need.  We are also so appreciative to our donors who support us so we can continue this life saving work.

The summer also brings challenges with our volume of volunteers. With most vacations happening during the summer, quite a few of our animal care shifts go short-handed thus increasing the work load on our staff and shortening the time each animal in our care receives.  We are actively looking for volunteers mornings & afternoons during the week and all shifts on the weekend.  Did you know that only 2 hours a week can make a massive impact on the lives of homeless animals? As I always tell dog & cat lovers… you can only save and keep a FEW animals but by becoming a volunteer, you can help save THOUSANDS!

Interested in learning more about being a hero to animals in need? Click the VOLUNTEER tab on our website and fill our the questionnaire.  We host Volunteer Orientations every week at the shelter. We would love to get you connected to our amazing community of compassionate animal lovers.


Coming up.

We have lots of things on the horizon for Animal Friends of Westmoreland | Animal Friends Sanctuary!  I’ll be back to update you after my trip out west! I’ll be touring and volunteering at an animal sanctuary and am looking forward to this amazing, learning expereince. I’ll be gaining valuable first hand insight on the inner workings of a sanctuary and how to properly house multiple species. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share!


Until then…

For the animals,





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