A week in rescue

Summer is in full swing at the shelter! We are getting more calls from the community regarding animals that need our help.  Animals who were found lost on along the street, animals who were found wondering in a field and animals who were once in a family and now need a place to go and a second chance to find another.

The need is great and although we help so many, I truly wish we could help them all. That feeling keeps me pushing forward on the sanctuary.  I have to admit that running a business, leading teams and managing a non-profit simultaneously is very overwhelming. There are days that I feel it would be so much easier to just enjoy the weekends and volunteer once a week after work… but I cannot get those beautiful faces of my mind.  There are so many animals who need our help and so many children who need to find hope through kindness and compassion.

Animals like Oscar. Oscar is a sweet boy who lived his life tied outside.  No way for an animal to live and we are grateful for the woman who used kindness, education and persistence to have his family agree that Oscar deserved a better life.

The day Oscar came to the shelter, he was unable to put weight on his front leg. We immediately transported him to our vet and after exam and X-rays , it appeared he had a fracture in his upper joint that was left untreated for some time. We took Oscar to see a specialist in hopes there was something they could do to save his leg.  After additional tests and X-rays, it appeared that not only was there a fracture present, but there is a bone tumor as well.

We had to have Oscar’s leg amputated. They did a biopsy of the tumor to determine if it is cancer. If it is in fact malignant, the prognosis is not good.  Animal rescue isn’t easy and is very costly. It takes a toll – physically, emotionally, and financially.  Medical expenses for an animal like Oscar will near $5000 when treatment is complete but we are committed to getting him the help he needs. He is currently recovering in a loving foster home.

We also received calls about two rabbits just days apart. It appears someone dumped them with no care for their safety.  Domestic rabbits cannot fend for themselves in the wild.  These babies were once cared for and feed by the hands of humans only for those same hands to turn their backs on them after releasing them into the unknown.  If we weren’t able to act quickly, these rabbits would have easily fallen prey to a hawk or another wild animal with no way to defend themselves. I cannot imagine how scared and heartbroken Oreo & Cupcake must have been. They have both received medical care, have been spayed and will be up for adoption any day.

These are just two of the most recent stories of how we are able to help in times of need. Our little facility, was able to provide rescue for over a dozen new animals this past week.  Dogs, cats & rabbits that needed safety and shelter.  We were also able to place many into new loving homes this week!  It’s a lot of work but they are so worth the investment.

On the operational side of things, we have an event coming up Wednesday, August 9th!  It’s our Jewelry & Purse Bash.  We are consistently fundraising throughout the year. With half of the year over, only two events remain.  This is essential to sustain our current operating expenses and to fund our future vision of our Sanctuary; all in the effort to help even MORE animals than ever before.

We added two board members to our family and are in the second phase of plans for the sanctuary!  As long as we can fund the construction, we should be able to have our first rescued animals at the farm as early as October!!!  Around that same time, renovations of our vet clinic should be complete and we will be welcoming our first veterinarian and first patients at the clinic in Youngwood!

2017 is a big year for our organization!  We are truly so honored and grateful that you are supporting this mission.  Together we can have a huge impact on so many lives and create a ripple effect for generations to come!  Thank you for being a voice!


P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially mine.  Love you Dad!


With love & kindness,


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  1. Carole Higgins

    Thank you for the marvelous life-saving work you continue to do. I do enjoy reading your blog and hearing the heartwarming stories, though some bring tears. Please continue to speak up for those with no voice.

  2. Beverly lankey

    Thank you for all you and your facility do for the helpless and homeless. I wish I had a million dollars to give but if I can physically assist please feel free to let me know


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