Consider a Legacy Gift

Include Us in Your Estate Plan or Financial Planning

Founded in 2006, Animal Friends of Westmoreland has rescued, rehabilitated, and found homes for over 7,134 animals. With over 200 active volunteers and only 3 full-time staff, Animal Friends of Westmoreland works tirelessly to rescue abused animals, save their lives, and stand up for the voiceless.

In 2017, Animal Friends of Westmoreland expanded its efforts by purchasing a 62-acre farm. The added space allows us to rescue large animals like chickens, mini-mules, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and more. It also provides much more space for our ongoing work with dogs, cats, and household pets.

Animal Friends of Westmoreland serves a vital function, standing in the gap to provide humane animal control as a service to the municipalities, boroughs, and towns in Westmoreland County.

You Can Help in a Big Way!

Every donation is critical, but you can help in a big way when you consider adding Animal Friends of Westmoreland to your Will, Trust, or other Estate Plan.

Our goal is to create shelter facilities and a network of volunteers that will serve the Westmoreland County community for generations to come.

Please join us in this mission by adopting the work of Animal Friends of Westmoreland as a part of your own legacy.

We are a 501 (c3) Non-profit Organization

It’s not difficult to establish a legacy gift for Animal Friends of Westmoreland.

To include us in a Will, for example, you would state our full legal name and location (Animal Friends of Westmoreland at 216 Depot Street, Youngwood, PA 15697) and the nature of the gift (cash or property).

It is perfectly appropriate to place restrictions on what our organization can do with your gift (if rescuing horses is your primary concern, you can limit your gift to that purpose).

It's even simpler to donate from bank accounts, life insurance policies, and retirement plans. Your bank, insurance company, or financial planner provides forms for this use.

To learn more about how you can establish a legacy gift for Animal Friends of Westmoreland, call us at 724-925-2555, or use our Contact Form.

We appreciate all of our donors. If a legacy gift is not right for you currently, please consider a one-time or recurring donation. Visit our Donation Page.

Thank You!