We need YOUR help to

We have to stock up on hay for the winter months, and we are in need of help for our community! A donation of just $5 will buy an entire bale of hay, which will help us feed multiple animals during the upcoming season!

Some of the animals that need YOUR help!

Louie is a mini mule who was neglected and abused in his former home. When he came to our sanctuary he was extremely fearful of all humans, and wouldn't allow anyone to come within 30 feet of him. He is still learning to trust, but he’s already come so far and we are confident that with patience he will soon come to know that there is only kindness and love for him here. He is such a cute, sweet boy and steals the hearts of many who visit.

Dorothy along with a few other goats were rescued from a property in a neighboring county where over thirty animals were seized due to neglect. When they came to our sanctuary they were extremely fearful and untrusting, having never had human contact before. With time, patience, and most importantly love, Dorothy and her sisters have slowly become more and more trusting of people.

Leo and his sister, Libby, spent the first five months of their lives confined to a travel trailer. The farmer who owned them was planning to grow them for slaughter and never let them out of the trailer. They had never played in the mud, never been outside in the sun, and never felt the grass on their hooves. Once the piglets were brought to safety, we were contacted to see if we were able to help with two of them. Our team made the 14 hour round trip journey to pick Leo and Libby up and bring them back to the safety of our sanctuary.

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So far we have raised $775 towards our $3,750 target! That's 21% of the total!