Helping Children

We love animals and most kids do too. Sometimes interacting with animals – and hearing their stories – can help children interact with others in their world.

Abused and At-Risk Children and Teens

Our rescued animals are usually abandoned or neglected, often with a history of abuse. We believe that our animals are especially easy for abused and at-risk kids to identify with. Our animals each have a story of overcoming struggles and surviving in their world. When children see that our animals are safe and have the chance to know and love them, it helps them relate, open up, and start to feel safe again. Hearing the stories of these animals show children that they too can overcome obstacles, surviving abuse and neglect. Contact us to arrange a tour for your group.

Special Needs Children

Many of our animals have special needs too! Animals provide unconditional love and kindness that benefits special needs children. This is often the first opportunity for these children to touch, pet, or feed an animal. Contact us to arrange a tour for your group.

School Field Trips

Our animals provide a great education experience for children of all ages. Telling our animals stories teaches children that all creatures need food, water, shelter, and love – and that all creatures can overcome obstacles. The kids see the animals up close, touching and petting them, learning about their life in the Animal Friends Sanctuary. Contact us to arrange a tour for your class.