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Walking Dogs

Love the outdoors? So do our animals! We're looking for volunteers who enjoy regular walks with furry friends. It's important to maintain our pets' activity and exercise levels while waiting for their forever homes! Call today to learn more.

Caring for Cats & Rabbits

Do you enjoy the warmth of a sleeping kitten curled up on your lap? Do bunny ears and cotton tails make your day brighter? Just need an excuse to hang out with adorable animals for a few hours? We can help. Volunteer today.


Property Maintenance

Providing our animals with the best care possible requires regular upkeep of our facilities. While our handyman skills have improved over the years, sometimes projects maintenance and improvement projects just need a special touch. Whether you enjoy painting or carpentry, plumbing or landscaping, we have volunteer opportunities for you!

Events & Fundraising

We rely on our fundraisers to keep us going and keep us connected to our area communities. As our events keep growing, we need help now more than ever! Volunteer to help coordinate or work our special events and be part of the big picture. Your efforts will have plenty of happy tails wagging!
We can always use help walking the dogs, cleaning the cages, and taking care of the building. Volunteering is a great way to get service hours for school, contribute to the community, and help us focus more on providing care to the animals. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Below are two forms you'll need to fill out. Click on the links to download and print the Volunteer Release Form.

Volunteer Application Form

The rewards of volunteering are endless. It is a great commitment but equally rewarding opportunity to embark on the journey of animal rescue. We welcome you and are excited to have you be a part of our mission. The shelter needs a minimum of 12 volunteers daily, 7 days week/365 days a year, to provide adequate care for the residents within our shelter. The animals count on us so it is crucial for you to report to your scheduled shift. As our animals depend on your commitment, please be certain to give ample notice if you are unable to fulfill your shift. We prefer all volunteers to commit to two hours a week, but require a minimum of two hours a month to remain active. We may, on occasion, need help to fill in our schedule. If you are able to help when these vacancies arise, please let us know.

Thank you for wanting to volunteer with us! We are excited to have you here! If you have trouble filling out our online form, try downloading our printable Volunteer Application Form.